Case Study - Albany Channel & Marina
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Client Need
Albany planned to develop a 16 acre mega yacht marina on the southwest coast of New Providence Island, Bahamas.  The development includes an 18-hole golf course, single and multifamily residences, internal roads, and support infrastructure.  Albany needed to excavate the Marina and dredge the mile long, 150 foot wide entrance channel.  The marina will accommodate mega yachts over 200 feet in length.

Devcon Bahamas Ltd. began construction of the marina basin concurrent with dewatering operations allowing us to excavate the basin “in the dry,” thereby increasing productivity.  The marina basin excavation provided material to construct dredge settling ponds, which enable solids dredged to precipitate from seawater.

The hydraulic dredging of 200,000 cubic yards of rocky and sandy material from the entrance channel, performed by our 21” cutter-suction dredge and support equipment, was placed in the settling ponds.  The dredged material was loaded and trucked to varying locations for use as structural fill under proposed buildings and roads, bedding for underground utilities, and mass fill for the golf course.  Concurrently, the marina basin excavation continued utilizing three (3) Hitachi 750 excavators and seven (7) Articulated Off Road  Dump Trucks.  We excavated 450,000 cubic yards from the marina basin and transported the material throughout the development.

To complete the entrance channel, the outermost portion was mechanically excavated using our barge and long stick excavator.  This material was removed from the barge daily and spread and compacted for structural fill.

Teamwork and cooperation between Albany and Devcon Bahamas Ltd. allowed the project to meet or exceed established milestones and provide for continuous work of other contractors and subcontractors with differing scopes of work.


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