Case Study - Emerald Point Beach Nourishment
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Client Need
Our client plans to make Leeward Cut and Leeward Going Through open to mega-yacht navigation.  High grade beach sand dredged from the channel would be applied to Emerald Point as the first phase in its development.  Emerald Point is at the end of Grace Bay, one of the most scenic beaches in Turks and Caicos Islands and the entire Caribbean. 

The project site is in sensitive environmental area featuring superb diving, near Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve and Pelican Reef.  The client and the Turks & Caicos Islands Department of Environment & Coastal Resources (DECR) sought to minimize environmental impact.  Water turbidity was of particular concern.

Working with our client, DECR, and the design engineer, Devcon Ltd. proposed a solution with 3 settling ponds to allow dredged material to separate from the seawater.  As water travels through the system, it becomes progressively clearer.  At the end of the settling system is a rock filter, which encourages further separation and dissipates energy from the falling water to prevent erosion.  The final step is a fabric silt barrier before returning clear water to the sea.

The project encompassed a large 35 acre site, and Devcon had the luxury of using much of the area for material accumulation.  These turbidity mitigation techniques retain the maximum amount of high grade beach sand for our client and provide the best outcome for marine life.  This project is an example of our commitment to environmental stewardship.


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