Case Study - Indigo Bay Site Preparation
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Client Need
Indigo Bay Estates, LLC. is planning to develop a 148 acre parcel of land situated directly on the Caribbean Sea on the Dutch side of the island of St. Maarten.  Once developed, the site will be the premier property on St. Maarten, featuring a five star resort as well as residential and commercial properties.  Indigo Bay needed to clear the site, excavate boulders for future use in beach protection, screen material to produce clean material for building pad sites, cut out and grade roads, and construct ponds for drainage and aesthetic purposes.  Indigo Bay also planned a 20 acre botanical garden to grow plants for use in the development.  The garden contributes to erosion control and is a cost-effective source for landscaping.

Devcon Ltd. collaborated with the client and a local contractor to create a cost-effective solution for Indigo Bay's site development needs.  Devcon Ltd. provided rental equipment to the local contractor, who operated the equipment.  The equipment best suited to the difficult tasks of boulder removal and heavy clearing were a Hitachi 750 excavator and a Caterpillar D10 bulldozer.  The Hitachi excavated boulders directly from the face of the mountain then loaded the material into trucks for stockpiling.  The boulders will be used for beach erosion control in a future phase.  While the boulder operation was underway, the D10 cleared scrub, cut roads, and rough graded slopes.  Both machines were used to create the retention ponds.  A power screen was set up on-site to generate clean fill for future building pads.  Devcon Ltd. also provided much of the site support equipment, including a Caterpillar 330 excavator, vibratory roller, Caterpillar 988 loader, service truck, water truck, and off-highway trucks.  Upon completion, Indigo Bay will have a job site that is ready for construction of the resort and other buildings.


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