Case Study - Jumby Bay Gravity Wall
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Client Need
Client desired to demolish its existing supply and guest transfer dock on mainland Antigua.  The dock supported the Jumby Bay Resort on Long Island, 2.3 miles offshore.  The client sought a cost-effective and hurricane resistant dock which requires minimal maintenance.  A flat facing was requested, since a wide variety of small and medium sized vessels would use the dock.

Devcon Ltd. demolished and hauled away the existing bulkhead and a portion of the armor stone.  Modular concrete blocks were built on Devcon's local yard and trucked to the job location.  The foundation was prepared, then the block were set to provide the bulkhead facing.  The bulkhead was backfilled with structural rock.  A poured in place concrete cap tied the block bulkhead together.  Additional structural rock was used placed as foundation for the top slab.  Bollards and dual level fenders were added to complete the project.  The client is planning additional landside improvements.


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