Case Study - Nikki Beach, Providenciales
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Client Need
Our client desires Devcon Ltd. to construct a man-made beach that will be aesthetically pleasing and built to be able to withstand hurricane force winds with the accompanying storm surge. The subject property has no beach and with its existing silt-like conditions is unappealing to potential guests of this beachfront resort.

The challenge for Devcon Ltd is to build a new beach and breakwater system to the highest environmental and construction standards resulting in a world class beachfront environment that will attract guests to the resort year after year.

The marine engineer, Olin Hydrographic Solutions, Inc. developed a construction design which called for Devcon Ltd. to dike the area of the new beach, implement an intricate dewatering system, and excavate and remove the unsuitable material. Once the excavation portion of the project was completed, hydraulically dredged sand of high quality was trucked in from another location on the island to replace the unsuitable material. Three steel breakwaters were constructed to protect the newly created beach from the forces of nature. Rip rap material armoring the breakwater increases the protection of the beach from erosion.

We are proud to say that the client congratulated Devcon Ltd. and Olin Hydrographic Solutions, Inc. on a job well done since Nikki Beach endured two hurricanes in 2008 with no loss of sand and no sand build up. The beach remained intact just as it was designed to do. The client was very pleased to report that the beach was unchanged following the passage of the hurricanes with 110 mph plus winds.


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