Case Study - Great Bay Harbour Dredging
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Client Need
The St. Maarten Harbour Holding Company needed to remove seabed material surrounding their newly constructed pier at Great Bay Harbour, in preparation for the arrival of Royal Caribbean's first Genesis class ship, Oasis of the Seas, for the 2009 winter cruise ship season.  The removed sand would be trucked to various locations throughout St. Maarten.  Most material will be used for land reclamation in the Great Salt Pond.  An asphalt road will be constructed on the reclaimed land to mitigate vehicular traffic.  Some sand would be used for beach restoration.  The project encompassed 500,000 cubic meters of material.

Devcon Ltd. hydraulically dredged approximately 500,000 cubic meters from the harbour site into landside settlement areas.  The sand was loaded and trucked to the Great Salt Pond by local subcontractors and placed within the footprint of the new ring road.  This operation facilitated the construction of the ring road and mitigated potential environmental issues with effluent flow from waters trapped in the Great Salt Pond.  Devcon Ltd.'s on-time completion of dredging alongside the newly constructed pier enabled timely berthing of the world's largest cruise liner, Oasis of the Seas, on its December 2009 maiden voyage to the Caribbean.


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