Case Study - Sint Eustatius Petroleum Tank Pads
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St. Eustatius Tank Farm Client Need
NuStar Energy L.P. is in need of eight additional 1,000,000 gallon fuel storage tanks at its storage and trans-shipment facility on St. Eustatius, N.A. Crude oil and petroleum products are brought to the facility by some of the world’s largest oil tankers and then stored for eventual distribution to the United States. Prior to the installation of the storage tanks, eight tank pads must be constructed on to which the large storage tanks will be placed. The contractor for the tank pads will have to negotiate mountainous terrain and volcanic rock.

Devcon Ltd. began construction of the tank pads shortly after being awarded the contract by NuStar. Drilling and blasting the rock was the first step in the process of excavating 400,000 cubic yards of material. Following the blasting of the material, D-10 bulldozers were utilized to rip the material. Additionally, large excavators were used to scrape the face of the mountain to help create the tank pad area. The construction plan also included the loading, hauling, spreading and pushing of thousands of cubic yards of material. Lastly, crushers were set up on site to produce 35,000 cubic yards of rock base material for the tank pads themselves. In spite of the challenging terrain the project was completed on-time, on-budget and to the satisfaction of NuStar Energy.


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