Case Study - Turks & Caicos Islands Beach Restoration
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Client Need
Over a decade of beach erosion had taken its toll along a one mile stretch of the turquoise waters of Grace Bay in Providenciales, TCI. Residents of existing homes and condominiums along the shoreline were no longer able to enjoy benefits of a healthy beachfront. Real estate development was at a standstill because prospective buyers could no longer be offered a beach to enjoy. One property owner in particular was facing danger due to the proximity of the foundation of his multi-million dollar home to the ever approaching shoreline.

Devcon Ltd. pumped 160,000 cubic yards of sand onto the receding beachfront from an offshore borrow area. This land reclamation operation replenished 50 feet of beach. The actual work was performed by a 20 hydraulic cutter suction dredge with 3,500 feet of submersible pipeline, 2 work boats and a support barge. On shore, a CAT 330 excavator and 2 CAT D-6 dozers were utilized to properly place the pumped material. Devcon installed a 5,000 ton T-Head groyne structure to prevent future sand loss. The rock required for the groyne was transported from the Dominican Republic via a 2,000 ton barge. The project consists of 1-3 ton boulders as well as 6 and 12 rock and Triton Marine mattresses developed by Tensar Corp. To date, Devcon Ltd. is the first and only contractor in Providenciales to have successfully filled and placed such mattresses in a groyne application.


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